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Reminiscing Days Gone By In Dayton, Graysville and Spring City Tn.

Rhea County, Tennessee's Historical Past

Welcome to Yesterday in Dayton's home on the web. A place to come and reminisce about days gone by in the place we call home. Rhea County rich in history is comprised of three municipalities Dayton, Graysville and Spring City Tennessee.

We have a rich history within out county and this site will touch on past historical events of Rhea County Tennessee and the municipalities that are with the county. We will also share remembrances of those beloved citizens from here that have gone on before us.

I hope you enjoy the site and all its history posted here. If you have photos or information that you'd like to see preserved and shared then please call on me. All photos and documents are always credited to the person/family who provides them.

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Rhea Golden Eagles at University of tennessee

Golden Eagles Reunite at U.T.

Former Golden Eagles Pose for A Photo at the University of Tennessee during the 1984-1985 season. Five former Rhea County Golden Eagle football players took a time out during their 1984-1985 season at the University of Tennessee to pose for a portrait on the practice field with their Assistant Coach from U.T. Dennis Terrell, who...

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Darlene Monroe Rhea 911

Darlene Monroe Retires from Rhea 911 After 34 Years

Assistant 911 Director Darlene Monroe says her Co-Workers were family Grandview resident Darlene Monroe started a new job in October of 1989 as a police dispatcher for the City of Spring City Police Department. She had no way of knowing that this new job would take her on a 34-year journey in a field that...

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Dayton City Hall

Dayton Gets First Full Time Paid Firemen

Fire truck Driver on Duty 24 Hours Beginning June 16, 1958. Beginning on Monday June 16, 1958, the Dayton Fire Department, for the first time, had a full-time paid firefighter on duty 24 hours a day. At the time, the fire department was located in the City Hall building, which was located on West Main...

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City Gates Dayton Tennessee

Welcome To Dayton Tennessee

Dayton Women Pose at South City Gates If I were to pick out pick out my most favorite photos in my collection, this one would rate right up there in the top. This photo shows the city gates, as they were referred to. I’ve often heard local citizens talk about the gates which were located...

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Abel Family Barn Dayton Tennessee

Abel Barn South Dayton-Then and Now

The feature photo above shows the dairy barn located on the Abel farm in south Dayton. While the exact date of construction is unknown, we do know that it was built by John R. Abel, Jr., the grandson of Cain Abel who settled here in 1807 and began farming this property. When the railroad came...

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Home Store 2nd and Market

Home Store Built in Place of Motion Picture Theater 1953

Motion Picture Theater Construstion Halted, Home Store Later Finishes Construction   A March 16, 1950, issue of the Dayton Herald Newspaper held an announcement by W.C. Woodlee, manager of the current theater on Market Street. The announcement was for the plans of construction of a new 1000 seat capacity theater to be located at the...

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Tid Bits From Around Rhea County

Fire Destroys Shed on Fourth Ave

Fire believed to have been started from hot ashes, destroyed a shed at the rear of property owned by Mrs. Ida Shankle on 4th Ave January 4, 1955.  The fire had gained considerable headway before the arrival of the volunteer fire department, and although it was practically out, it flared a second time while the pumper went for more water to replenish the 500-gallon tank. Finally, the regular hose was pulled to a nearby hydrant and the fire extinguished. It was understood that the owner carried a small amount of insurance on the property. Fire Chief Denny Zonnas was called from a sick bed, having been down with the flu for three days, to drive the truck to the fire and direct the firefighters.

(Dayton Herald January 6, 1955)

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