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Reminiscing Days Gone By In Dayton, Graysville and Spring City Tn.

Rhea County, Tennessee's Historical Past

Welcome to Yesterday in Dayton's home on the web. A place to come and reminisce about days gone by in the place we call home. Rhea County rich in history is comprised of three municipalities Dayton, Graysville and Spring City Tennessee.

We have a rich history within out county and this site will touch on past historical events of Rhea County Tennessee and the municipalities that are with the county. We will also share remembrances of those beloved citizens from here that have gone on before us.

I hope you enjoy the site and all its history posted here. If you have photos or information that you'd like to see preserved and shared then please call on me. All photos and documents are always credited to the person/family who provides them.

Dayton Opera House

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Old Dayton Bank Building in historic downtown Dayton.

Gardenhire’s Historic Downtown Dayton Building

Historic Downtown Dayton Building Then and Now It’s 1912- the nation just elected a new president, World War I was looming on the horizon, and a sleepy little town in Tennessee named Dayton would soon gain national recognition during the famous Monkey Trial. This little town was growing fast, and buildings were being constructed contributing...

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Dr. Darriell Slagle February 23, 1986

Helicopter accident claims life of former Rhea Medical Center Physican

Dr. Darriel Slagle Dies February 23, 1986 A former Rhea County Medical Center physician was killed in a helicopter accident in Greenville, Tennessee around 7pm Saturday February 23, 1986. Dr. Slagle had been employed at the Rhea County Medical Center as an emergency room physician from August 1982 through May of 1985.At the time of...

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Rhea County High School Class of 1981

Rhea Class of 1981 Ends Five Year Reunion With Tragedy

Classmate Wes Crawford Killed in Auto Accident after Leaving Five Year Class Reunion on August 9, 1986 It was the first time that the Rhea County High School Class of 1981 had been together since their graduation ceremony. The class gathered for their 5th year reunion at the Loft in Chattanooga on August 9, 1986....

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Graysville Depot Station

Graysville Council Votes To Demolish Depot Station May 6, 1957

On the evening of May 6, 1957, during a City of Graysville Council meeting Mayor Truman Cox read a letter from the Railroad Company to the city in reference to the depot station. The letter gave authorization to the City of Graysville to proceed with the necessary actions to remove the depot building from its...

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Vaughn Funeral Home

Vaughn Funeral Home Serving Families for More Than 90 Years

Donna Vaughn Continues to operate the family business that started in 1933. Located in Spring City in north Rhea County, there is a business that has been in operation for over 90 years. Vaughn Funeral Home is one of the oldest family owned and operated funeral homes in the area today. It was founded in...

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Lou Billingsley

Lou Billingsley-In Memory

The Billingsley’s Open Dayton’s First Laundry Service in 1929 Taking a moment to remember one of our citizens who has gone on before us. Lou Henderson Billingsley was born June 8, 1893, on Dayton Mountain near the Friendship Church. Lou met her husband John M. Billingsley, when she was a student at the one room...

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Tid Bits From Around Rhea County

Fire Destroys Shed on Fourth Ave

Fire believed to have been started from hot ashes, destroyed a shed at the rear of property owned by Mrs. Ida Shankle on 4th Ave January 4, 1955.  The fire had gained considerable headway before the arrival of the volunteer fire department, and although it was practically out, it flared a second time while the pumper went for more water to replenish the 500-gallon tank. Finally, the regular hose was pulled to a nearby hydrant and the fire extinguished. It was understood that the owner carried a small amount of insurance on the property. Fire Chief Denny Zonnas was called from a sick bed, having been down with the flu for three days, to drive the truck to the fire and direct the firefighters.

(Dayton Herald January 6, 1955)

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