2nd Ave & Market Street-Then and Now

2nd Ave & Market Street-Then and Now

This view of 2nd and Market Street is looking north from the area of the old Robinson's Drug Store. A vast majority of our citizens would not realize that Mansfield's Coffee Shop started here, on the corner of 2nd and Market before it moved in May of 1947 to 1st and Market Street. This photo is believed to have been taken some time around WWII. There once was a beauty shop running out of this home that was ran by a lady known only as Mrs. Dean. The Airline Service Station was located just north of this old house. The bottom photo shows the same exact corner as it looks today. The "Coke" wall, as everyone calls it, shows us remnants of a mural that once showcased “Mansfield Coffee Shoppe" where it once existed on this corner.


2nd Ave and Market Street
2nd Ave Coke Wall

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