Arnold Motor Company 1946

Arnold Motor Company 1946

Gordon Lee Smith Returns After Military Service

In a September of 1946 Dayton Herald news article, Birch Arnold of Arnold Motor Company pictured above, welcomed Gordon Lee Smith back to work after being away serving three and a half years of military service. (Photo Courtesy of George & Becky Arnold)

It takes more than just a rack and a grease gun to give your car the proper lubrication which will keep it running quietly and smoothly for many thousands of miles.  Besides the facilities for lubricating a car, there must be the know how which comes from years of experience, coupled with the personal interest of the individual in giving you the best job obtainable. That is why we are so proud to announce that Gordon Lee Smith has returned to our organization after serving his country in the Armed Forces. Gordon Lee knows how to properly lubricate your car and takes pride in the thoroughness and quality of his work. All of his old customers were cordially invited to bring their cars by for his familiar touch, and those of you who are not acquainted with one of his lube jobs, should find out through experience.

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