Robert M.”Bobbie” Bankston-In Memory

Robert M.”Bobbie” Bankston-In Memory

Bobbie Bankston of Dayton dies from stab wound received in a fight that resulted over a pinball game

Let us take a moment to remember 18-year-old Bobbie H. Bankston, a local taxi driver who bled to death from a knife wound he received in a fight with 35-year-old Walter Clingan next to Charley’s Place on 1st Ave on the morning of June 24, 1941.

According to witnesses reports at the time the incident occurred at approx. 1am during which time all officers had been called to south Dayton to investigate an automobile accident.

It was reported that the fight was the climax of an argument which started earlier in the day over the outcome of a pinball game.

Bankston lived only a few minutes after being carried to Thomison’s Hospital, he was fatally wounded in the right groin, the main artery having been cut.

It was reported by an eyewitness, Lee Wilkey that Bankston, after having sworn vengeance from the argument of the same afternoon, lurked in the shadows by the side of Charley’s Place while Wilkey, Clingan and Dave Harwood turned the corner of 1st Ave towards the railroad.

As they turned the corner, Bankston jumped upon Clingan and is quoted to have said “I’ll get you now for slapping me this afternoon.” After fighting for a few minutes Clingan pulled out a knife and gave Bankston a very hard stab which proved to be fatal.

Bankston was survived by his wife of one week who was the former Miss Gladys Rothwell as well as his parents Mr. & Mrs. T.H. Bankston of Dayton, and three sisters.

Funeral services were held at the Chapel of R.J. Coulter, he was carried to his final resting place in the Montgomery Cemetery by pallbearers Albert Norris, Earl Pogue, Ray McKenzie, Condon Graham, Lee Graham, and Charles England.

A preliminary hearing for Clingan was scheduled, at this time there is no further information as to the outcome of the legal case against Clingan.

See Robert “Bobbie” Bankston’s Find A Grave Memorial Here


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