New Road To Bryan Memorial University

New Road To Bryan Memorial University

Bryan Memorial University Construction Began on May 11, 1928

With a new road under construction to the site of the future Bryan Memorial University, construction began on May 11, 1928, with a simple ceremony attended by many residents of the community. Named after William Jennings Bryan. The “Commoner” fought his last fight in the celebrated Scopes case and died. F.E.Robinson, president of the Bryan Memorial Association, and owner of the drug store where the case originated presided over the ceremony. Today this is known as Bryan College.

Bryan 1931
Construction of Bryan College’s main building underway. (Photo Courtesy Bryan Collection)


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  • Susan Wilhoit

    October 18, 2020 at 11:29 am

    Appreciate you posting this photo. Great to see images of the past in the county I lived for so many years.
    Keep them coming!

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