Rhea EMS Founded by Gene Cochran in 1973

Thomas Gene Cochran in 1980  (Photo Courtesy of Cunnyngham Studio Archives) Daryle Cochran continues to operate Rhea EMS which was founded by his father. In the fast-paced society we live in today, it is just about impossible to travel on Hwy 27 through Rhea County without seeing a familiar-looking orange and white ambulance racing up

Golden Eagles Reunite at U.T.

Former Golden Eagles Pose for A Photo at the University of Tennessee during the 1984-1985 season. Five former Rhea County Golden Eagle football players took a time out during their 1984-1985 season at the University of Tennessee to pose for a portrait on the practice field with their Assistant Coach from U.T. Dennis Terrell, who

World War II Memorial Monument Dedicated May 1948

Monument Stands To Remember Those Fighting  Men and Women From Rhea County With World War II raging overseas, back at home the Dayton Junior Chamber of Commerce (DJCOC) was busy putting together a project that would memorialize or honor the fighting men and women from Rhea County who had been doing a wonderful job protecting

County Wide Victory Scrap Metal Drive November 1942

Here is graphic proof of the effort put forth by the community to support the scrap metal drive. In one-half day, the Junior Commandos of Spivey rounded up 5,000 lbs. of scrap even after the regular school drive had been finished. (Photo Courtesy Glass Family Collection) Rhea County Supports War Effort with 275,000 lbs scrap

Grand Ole Opry Stars Visit Dayton and Spring City 1944

Grand Ole Opry Tent Theater makes visit to Rhea County During the 1940’s, the Grand Ole Opry Show from Music City USA, Nashville, Tennessee made guest appearances in various communities throughout the south eastern United States. This show was known as the “Grand Ole Opry Tent Theater”. Each week various stars and celebrities from the

Rhea County Hospital New Emergency Room 1979

Hospital staff pose for this photo of the new Emergency Room in 1979. (Photo Courtesy of Cunnyngham Studio Archives) New Emergency Room replaces Outdated 1957 E.R. The feature photo above shows the brand-new Emergency Room at the Rhea County Hospital in early 1979. When the hospital was built in 1957, the trend towards the heavy

Old Pennine Post Office

The old Pennine Post Office was a landmark that had been located on Hwy 27 about three miles south of Spring City. It was formerly known as the post office for Sheffield, Tennessee. The name was changed to Pennine to avoid confusion in railroad shipments with Sheffield, Alabama. Prior to being called Sheffield, it had

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