Rhea County Sheriff’s Department 1959

Looking back to the Rhea County Sheriff’s Department in 1959. A small but fierce looking department. This photo was taken next to the old jail which sat right about where the Election Commission Office is today. (Left to Right) Elliot Millard, Wilson Marler, Floyd Kelly, Sheriff Fred Mullins, Ola Harris and Raymond Powers. Copyright All

Rhea County High School Cheerleaders 1976-1977

The Rhea County High School Cheerleaders for the year 1976-1977. (L-R) Donna Day, Terri Shepard, Lisa Grant, Vickie Roberts, Captain Paula Hall, Co-Captain Ann Kelly and Teresa Price. Copyright All Rights Reserved -Yesterday In Dayton  

1961 Tennessee Strawberry festival Planning Committee

Every year, a lot of planning goes into making the Tennessee Strawberry Festival successful. This requires months of work from dedicated people who serve on the Strawberry Planning Committee. Let’s look back at an old photo and see the people who helped to make the 1961 Festival a success. This is the Strawberry Festival Planning

1975-1976 Rhea County High School Football Team

It is time once again to step back in time and reminisce some of the good ole days gone by. This post takes us to the Rhea County High School during the year 1975-1976 to see the school’s football team. Perhaps you know one of these players or you may even be one of them.

Rhea County Registrar of Deeds Gladys Best Retires

longest serving elected official in Tennessee August 31, 2018 Gladys Best was just out of Rhea Central High School when she went to work for the Register of Deeds office as a typist. Gladys became the interim Register of Deeds in 1962. Later, she won the election to the office. Little did she know at

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