Dayton Products Company Picnic

Employee & Family Picnic at Dayton Products Dayton Tennessee September 7, 1974 The employees and their families attended the company picnic held at the plant on North Broadway in Dayton, Tennessee, on Saturday, September 7, 1974. There were amusement rides, softball games, horseshoe pitching, and a “Moon Walk” which everyone enjoyed. There were drawings for

Chickamauga Lake Development 1940

Richland Creek can be seen here flowing across the Hefner farmland which is the same area known as the Dayton Boat dock.                                                                   

Historic Broyles-Darwin House

The Broyles-Darwin Home Is the oldest home in town. The Broyles-Darwin house located on East Idaho Ave is said to be the oldest home inside the city limits of Dayton. Built in 1861 by S.D. Broyles, it originally sat on a 300 acre farm. The valley portion of the farm was eventually transformed into the

Hwy 27 Four Lane Bypass Constructed in 1960

Dayton’s municipal leaders saw a need to eliminate the heavy traffic flow through downtown. A downtown traffic bottleneck in this historic Rhea County seat was to be eliminated in the summer of 1960 when the completion of the new Hwy 27 Bypass was expected to be finished. Late summer rains slowed the progress on the

Police shoot black bear in south Dayton

Police Fire more than 30 rounds at bear in south Dayton Looking back this week to June 12, 1960, we discover a little excitement, as well as some fear that struck some of south Dayton’s citizens when a bear was seen wondering the neighborhood. A black bear was killed in South Dayton by city, county,

Dayton’s First Mayor-T.N.L. Cunnyngham

Thomas Newton Locke Cunnyngham Dayton’s First Mayor Looking back to Dayton’s First mayor, Thomas Newton Locke Cunnyngham, better known as T.N.L. Cunnyngham. Born August 30, 1840. He was widely known for being a Confederate veteran and member of the Dayton Bar. During the Civil War, he was commissioned a Lieutenant in Captain Samuel J. A.

Dayton Coal and Iron Works Dismantled by Blast

School Children gather to watch the stacks come crashing down On Friday, November 15, 1935, the old Dayton Coal and Iron Works facility was dismantled. Several   Dayton City School children considered it a treat to be let out of school to witness the blasting of the 200-foot stack of the old iron works. But it

Dayton City School Destroyed By Fire

dayton city School Forced To Close For A week Following Fire February 16th was on a Friday in 1951. During that night, a fire of undetermined causes burned through the Dayton City School building that had been erected in 1907. The first classes that were held in the building were during the 1908 school year. 

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