Dayton City School Destroyed By Fire

dayton city School Forced To Close For A week Following Fire February 16th was on a Friday in 1951. During that night, a fire of undetermined causes burned through the Dayton City School building that had been erected in 1907. The first classes that were held in the building were during the 1908 school year. 

Air Force Donates Jet to City of Dayton

(L-R) Walter Cheers-City Attorney, Sam Morgan-Chairman of the Dayton Lions Club, Bill Voigt-Public Relations Director for the City of Dayton, Mayor Charlie Walters, Colonel Joseph Sullivan-Commander of Stewart Air Force Base, Evert Bean-Minister Church of Christ, Kelso Ballard-City Commissioner and Jerry Bivens-President of the Lions Club. (Seated Atop The Plane L-R) Unknown, Unknown, Bill Sims,

Ten Commandments Monument in Dayton

Dayton – THE first stop on national tour of 5,300-pound monument removed from Alabama judicial building July 31, 2004   About 75 people turned out at the Rhea County Courthouse to see the Ten Commandments monument that cost Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore his job.The monument was to travel on to Dunlap, Tenn. later in

Doctor Albert C. Broyles

Dr. Albert C. Broyles delivers 4,643 Babies In the age we are living in, we find Doctor’s Offices, Clinics, Urgent Care Facilities, and off campus satellite emergency rooms from larger hospitals on nearly every corner. However, it was not always like this. Looking back, we dig into Dayton’s past and find one extraordinary doctor who

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