Dayton City School’s Mr. Jess

In Memory of Jesse Thomas Williams Mr. Jess, as we knew him, was born Jesse Thomas Williams on August 12, 1911 at the Martin Johnson Plantation in Lexington,Georgia. His parents were Thomas and Myrtle Williams. Mr. Jess, one of nine children, left Lexington for the long journey to Tennessee in a horse drawn log wagon.

In Memory of R.E.Winsett

Robert Emmett Winsett seated at his desk in his office on Waldens Ridge. R.E. Winsett was born in Bledsoe County, Tennessee on January 15, 1876 and passed away on June 26, 1952. He was a gospel songwriter, song book publisher, music teacher, singer, song leader, accomplished on nine musical instruments, evangelist, pastor, on originating committee

Guy Jones “The Last Barnstormer”

Guy Jones often flew Jimmy Cunnyngham of Cunnyngham Studio around the Southeast Tennessee area making aerial photos for Jimmy’s customers.  In Memory Of Guy M. Jones- The LAst Barnstormer Guy Jones was born in Madison County Kentucky on November 30, 1898, before Orville & Wilbur Wright had ever initiated that “Crazy” scheme of flying. He

Dr. J.J.Rodgers 4500 Baby Deliveries in 37 years

Dr. J.J. Rodgers, as we all knew him, was born James Jacob Rodgers on May 7, 1906, in Knoxville, Tennessee to the Rev. William Thomas Rodgers and Eula Hunter Rodgers. He went on to earn a B.S. Degree at the University of Chicago and his M.D. from the University of Chicago School of Medicine. He

In Memory of William “Bill” Edwards

Rhea native Dies Searching For Old Home place Site As we grow older in life, we often look back at the happy times of our life during our childhood. Many people remain near their birthplace and yet others have for various reasons moved away years ago. But our memories often take us on a journey

Plane Crash Claims Two Lives in Rhea County

Big Orange Trailer Park-Evensville Tennessee October 28, 1978 Richard Gornik and Jane Powell Around 4:19 pm on the afternoon of Saturday, October 23, 1978, a single engine Cessna 150 plane clipped a power line and crashed killing both the pilot and the lone passenger on board. Killed in the crash was the pilot 28-year-old Richard

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