Darlene Monroe Retires from Rhea 911 After 34 Years

Assistant 911 Director Darlene Monroe says her Co-Workers were family Grandview resident Darlene Monroe started a new job in October of 1989 as a police dispatcher for the City of Spring City Police Department. She had no way of knowing that this new job would take her on a 34-year journey in a field that

Spring City Depot Station Closed in 1971

Virginia Murphy fought to preserve the Spring City Depot Station as a historic Landmark. When a train roars by the old Spring City Depot, the windows rattle, and the floor shakes. But if it hadn’t been for Mrs. Virginia Murphy, the trains would be running past a vacant lot today. Mrs. Virginia Murphy, who was

Leon Calloway Recalled Communities History

leon Calloway was 72 when he recounted some of his memories In July of 1983 Leon Calloway recounted some of his memories of Spring City.  We have shared with you below his story in his own words “I recall the downtown area consisted of one drugstore, Collins Brothers Dry Goods Store, Reed’s Grocery Store and

Spring City Student remembers the Outhouse

Bertie Alexander’s memories from Spring City I remember when I first started to school at Spring City Elementary there were no indoor bathrooms. Our town did not have running water, so we got a drink at recess from a pump out beside the school. The outside toilet was long and wide with a partition. One

Estes Resort-Spring City, Tennessee

The featured photo above was taken by Jimmy of Cunnyngham Studio for the purpose of producing a post card featuring the “Estes Resort’. Estes Resort developed by Jim and Ruth Estes Sometime around 1959, Jim and Ruth Estes purchased property just off of New Lake Road in Spring City which was just fields of grass

Texas Grove School

Texas Grove School Year Unknown- Teacher is Ada Smith (Front Row L-R) Imogene Smith, Geneva Sue Fisher, Robert Tate Harrison, Auilda Cordell, Perry Smith, Helen Smith, Richard Smith and Kate Smith. (Second Row L-R) Paul Jones, Rector Smith, Homer Smith, Harvey Barger, Hoyal Smith, Wayne Barger, Earl Jones, J.T.Smith, Helen Dagley, Margie Smith, Bernice Smith,

Spring City Methodist Episcopal Church

Spring City Methodist Episcopal Church North The Spring City Northern Methodist Church was built in the early 1880’s. It was located about halfway down Landreth Street between New Lake Road and East Rhea Ave, behind the current day site of the Rocky Top/McDonald’s business. About twenty years after the Civil War, some of the people

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