Dayton Bank Opens Market & 2nd Ave Branch February1957

Dayton Bank Opens Market & 2nd Ave Branch February1957

Dayton Bank Opens in Old American National Bank Building

The Dayton Bank & Trust Company held their formal grand opening on Wednesday, February 20, 1957, at their new and remodeled location at the corner of Market Street & 2nd Ave. This is the former location of the old American National Bank which closed during the 1930’s depression. The new remodeled $100,000.00 building will house the bookkeeping department on a mezzanine overlooking the lobby with the third floor devoted to office space. The new facility has a modern intercommunication system to connect the tellers, officers of the bank, and bookkeeping departments. Pneumatic tubes transmitted records from the tellers to the bookkeeping department saving many steps for the employees.

Below is the building as it appeared prior to closing during the great depression.

American National Bank Building Dayton Tennessee

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