Harbeck’s 1895 South Market Street Home

Harbeck’s 1895 South Market Street Home

The photo above shows Sheldon and Molly Harbeck standing on the front porch of their south Market Street home in 1895. The Harbeck’s housekeeper (standing below the porch) and butler (slightly tucked behind the rose bush on the left) can also be seen but are unidentified. The Harbeck’s were the owners of the Sanitary Grocery next door. Their home was located on the lot where the current home known as the Robinson House was built in 1931 by A.P. Haggard, and later obtained by Fred Robinson of Robinson’s MFG Company. The Harbeck’s home, at some point in history, was moved back to Cherry Street.

Click here to read about the Sanitary grocery store in later years when owned by Myrtle Hutchins. 

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