Helicopter accident claims life of former Rhea Medical Center Physican

Helicopter accident claims life of former Rhea Medical Center Physican

Dr. Darriel Slagle Dies February 23, 1986

A former Rhea County Medical Center physician was killed in a helicopter accident in Greenville, Tennessee around 7pm Saturday February 23, 1986. Dr. Slagle had been employed at the Rhea County Medical Center as an emergency room physician from August 1982 through May of 1985.At the time of his death Dr. Slagle was an emergency room physician at Laughlin Memorial Hospital in Greenville, Tennessee. Dr. Slagle who was alone and attempting to fly his Robinson R-22 helicopter to Knoxville, encountered heavy fog and tried to return to the Greenville airport. On his approach to the airport, Slagle apparently flying too low hit a tree upon approaching the airport for Landing. Dr. Slagle is very well remembered for being an aggressive physician when dealing with critically injured persons that were brought into the emergency room. He was also known to jump into the back of the ambulance to accompany and treat seriously injured patients that were being transported from Rhea County to Erlanger’s Trauma Center in Chattanooga. Many of our citizens got another chance at life, because of this man. May he Rest in God’s Peace.


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