JC Young Oil Company Now Just A Memory

JC Young Oil Company Now Just A Memory

For decades, motorist who traveled up and down Market Street were used to seeing the large silver fuel tanks at the JC Young Oil Company. This past week, February 2022, the tanks were dismantled and removed from the property.  According to Judy Young, the widow of John C. Young, Jr. and the last owner and operator of the business, the property has been sold. The new owners are in the process of clearing the lot.

Mrs. Young also provided a little history lesson about the beginning of JC Young Oil Company. She stated that John C. Young, Sr. aka “JC”, had moved to Dayton in 1952 and purchased the business shortly after his arrival from Ed Arnold. Mr. Arnold had owned and operated the business under the title of Sinclair Oil Company. Once JC had purchased the business, the name was changed to the J.C.Young Oil Company.

JC had a son John C. Young, Jr. aka “John”. John was born in July of 1950.  Following his graduation from high school in 1968, he attended Georgia Tech University for the next two years. After leaving college, John went to work for his father as a truck driver for the oil company. In 1995, John obtained sole ownership of the business and operated it for the next 21 years until his retirement in 2016 when the business was sold to the Sweetwater Valley Oil Company and the family retained ownership of the property. According to Mrs. Young the owners of the B&E Station next door purchased the property and she is not aware of their future plans for the property.

JC Young Oil Company
This view shows the JC Oil Company after the Young family retired.
JC Young
The photo above shows the JC Oil Company fuel tanks visible from Lonas Service Station next door in 1956. Today, this is the B&E Station.

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