Market Street Coke Plant

Market Street Coke Plant

Cola is one of the top three most recognized logos in the U.S. A lot of our younger generation have no idea that we once produced Coca-Cola right here in Dayton, TN.

The Dayton Coca-Cola Bottling Company celebrated Coke’s 5oth Anniversary on Thursday, April 30, 1964, with an open house at its bottling plant on south Market Street. Tours were given and refreshments were served.

Coca-Cola was first bottled in Dayton by Mr. E.B. Arnold who sold the plant in the early 1920s to E.B. Ewing and his son-in-law, William Rice.

An article on the front page of the June 3, 1941, Dayton Herald announces that the Coca-Cola bottling company opened their new location on south Market Street.

Upon Mr. Ewing’s death in 1931, his daughter, Miss Leota Ewing, managed the plant, until 1961, when it was sold to Scotty Probasco Jr., Summerfield Johnston Jr., and Pegram Harrison, all of Chattanooga and Spencer Walker of Dayton.

The photos below are of employees of the Coca-Cola bottling plant in Dayton around the time of the 50th Anniversary Celebration.

All photos are from the Cunnyngham Studio Collection.

The below ad was advertising for the 5oth Anniversary Celebration on April 30, 1964

Coke Ad

The below ad from June 3, 1941 was announcing the new Coke plant on Market Street.

Coke Plant Dayton
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