Old Washington School

Old Washington School

Old Washington School now just a memory

Traveling Hwy. 302 near the rock quarry brings back memories of an old schoolhouse that is now long gone. According to historical records, a piece of land was donated just north of the Old Washington Community to be used as a church and school. The original Washington School was a one room log cabin built sometime after 1881.

By 1913, a new two room building was completed replacing the original schoolhouse bringing the total student population to around 60 students.

In 1930, a new brick structure was built a bit further north from the original school.  This was originally called Locke Grammar School, named after James and Willie Locke. James was a member of the school commission and  Willie had taught school for several years. The exact date of when the school was renamed  to “Washington School” is unknown, but it was prior to 1940.

The school continued on for many years before it was announced that it would be closed at the end of the school term in 1981. An announcement appeared in the Dayton Herald on May 20, 1981, was entitled the “Final tribute to Washington School”. On May 25, 1981, the faculty and staff of Washington School extended a cordial invitation to all interested persons to come in for a final visit. A special welcome went out to all present and former teachers, parents, students, administrators, and board members.

The school has long been gone now, but the memories remain in our hearts and minds.

Washington School 1912
Washington School in 1912. (Photo Courtesy of Jason Todd Laymam)

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