Oster Plant 1966-1988

Oster Plant 1966-1988

On March 5, 1987, in a special called meeting with the City of Dayton officials, Oster President Lawrence Mattson informed those present that corporate restructuring prompted the decision to close the Dayton plant in March of 1988. “The decision to close both the Dayton, TN and the Milwaukee, WI plants was necessary for Oster’s long term health”, Mattson said. He went on to praise the employees from both facilities, stating that they have performed extremely well over the years. Opening the facility in Dayton in 1966, Oster manufactured blenders, hair clippers and other appliances. At one time, they had a workforce of 400 employees¬† but at the time of their closing, the workforce¬† had declined to a total of 300 workers. Over the years since its closing, various manufacturing plants have occupied the former Oster building, which sits atop of Black Oak Ridge in south Dayton. Master Manufacturing Group (MMG) currently occupies the building, where they manufacture heating elements.

The feature photo above is the Oster Plant taken in 1968 by Jimmy Cunnyngham of Cunnyngham Studio.

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