Pendergrass Park Receives A Complete Makeover

Pendergrass Park Receives A Complete Makeover

Shown above in the the left photo is Mrs. Juanita Pendergrass with some children enjoying the Witches Hat". The right photo shows the newly renovated park on opening day. (Black & White Feature Photo Courtesy of the Glass Family Collection.)

The Park Was Officially Named After School Teacher Juanita Pendergrass in 1967

For decades, children have enjoyed their trips to Pendegrass Park in downtown Dayton. It is believed that the park opened in the very early 1950s. A local teacher, Mrs. Juanita Pendergrass, volunteered her time after school watching the children in the park.

After the death of Mrs. Pendergrass in 1967, they decided to officially name the park “Pendergrass Park” in her honor. Throughout the years, the park continued to grow with the addition of more and more recreational items. The old “Witches Hat” certainly was a favorite of children. Long gone is the old wading pool, which sat on the far east side of the park. Children spent many hot days wading in the pool trying to get relief from those hot summer temps.

In July 2023, the park closed temporarily for renovation. The City of Dayton and Blue Cross broke ground for a brand-new Pendergrass Park. The renovation completely transformed the park into a new recreation site, which includes a water splash pad for the children. The Pendergrass Park renovation was made possible through a four-million-dollar Blue Cross Healthy Place grant.

The newly renovated park reopened on Friday April 26th of 2024. In the years to come while our children spend countless hours enjoying the new park, we as parents and grandparents can reminisce about the good ole days when we were youngsters visiting and playing here at the park.

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