Potters New Store 1931

Potters New Store 1931

“Potters” will be the name of the new store in Dayton to be opened next Saturday in the building formerly occupied by Darwin’s, redecorated, and refitted in a very attractive manner. Mrs. Millard, who will manage the store for her father, Judge Potter of Huntsville, Tennessee, a veteran merchant of that community, says the stock will be new, and having been bought at prevailing low prices she will be able to sell for cash at the lowest prices to be found anywhere. As she expects to discount all her bills she will sell only for cash. Mrs. Millard is very busy just now receiving and arranging her stock. She said she was using every effort to have everything ready for the opening next Saturday, when she plans to serve refreshments to all who visit the store. Mrs. Millard has had considerable store experience. She is also well acquainted with the people of Dayton and Rhea County, having been for two years with the Block Department Store and for the last eleven months with Davenport’s. She is having the store fitted in ivory and green and promises it will be a very attractive place to shop. (Dayton Herald Newspaper July 23, 1931)

The photo below shows the building where Potter’s was opened in 1931. This photo was taken during the summer of 1925 at the height of the Scopes Trial

JR Darwin Store Dayton Tennessee

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