Remembering Alvin Goins

Remembering Alvin Goins

Alvin Goins is remembered as a lifelong resident of Rhea County. He was born September 14, 1903. Alvin never learned to read or write because at the age of five he was injured when a mule kicked him in the head. With no formal education, he was considered a mathematical genius. He could perform a remarkable feat of computation in his head that would baffle a math professor. Give him the month, day and year of someone’s birth and in just a few seconds Alvin could estimate the exact number of days that had elapsed since their birth. One other instance comes to mind, a contractor was puzzled in trying to estimate how many bricks he would need to complete his project. In a matter of minutes after being given the dimensions of the building along with the number of windows and doors, Alvin told him the number of bricks required. Skeptically, the amount of bricks was ordered, and when the building was completed, only three bricks were left. Alvin was known to frequent the courthouse offices, especially his dear friend Gladys Best of the Registrar’s Office. Alvin would reach into his heavy overcoat which he wore year-round and pull from the inside pockets a few letters he’d received in the mail and ask for Gladys to read and interpret them to him. Alvin lived alone in his project apartment until his death on September 12, 1990. He was buried at the Pleasant View Cemetery.

Alvin Goins

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  • Susie Huttin

    April 27, 2020 at 2:29 am

    I remember Alvin very well.When i was a small child we kids was scared of him but Moma said he was a good man.

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