Robinson’s Welcomes John Thomas Scopes Back To Dayton 1960

Robinson’s Welcomes John Thomas Scopes Back To Dayton 1960

The feature photo above shows John Thomas Scopes in 1960 when he returned to Dayton for the premier of “Inherit The Wind” during the 35th Anniversary celebration of the famous trial which took place in July of 1925. A few things had changed in Dayton since Scopes had left. Back in 1925, W.C “Sonny” Robinson was just a young lad. Sonny was the son of F.E.Robinson who owned the drug store where the discussion of being the test case for the Butler Act had occurred around that small round table. Now, Sonny was the one operating the soda fountain at Robinson Drug Store. Also shown behind the counter with Sonny was his son, Bill Robinson. The drug store has long been gone, but the memories remain for those of us who ever had the opportunity to frequent the establishment. Today, you can find that famous table in the Tennessee State Museum in Nashville, Tennessee.

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