The Dayton Path

The Dayton Path

Looking back 100 years by Carroll Henderson

Many years ago, there was a dirt path/road from Liberty Hill Road on the mountain down into the valley in the pocket wilderness area. There was a short section of the road getting down into pocket wilderness area called the “cats steps”. This road was used extensively eighty to one hundred years ago by people walking and riding their horses. The name of this road was “The Dayton Path”. This road was helpful since very few people had cars. Times were hard and there were no jobs. People had to walk or ride horses from the mountain to Dayton to get their groceries. The Dayton Path shortened the distance down to town. Otherwise, they had to travel around and come down either the Dayton or Evensville Mountain Road. On one occasion, the late Carles Henderson, Sr. talked about when he was a young man, his parents owned a small mule. He would ride the mule down the Dayton Path to town to buy groceries and supplies that the family needed. When neighbors would see him going through, they would ask him to buy groceries for them. By the time he got all of the groceries and supplies bought for his parents and their neighbors mounted on the mule, the mule would be loaded down and he would have to walk and lead the mule back up the Dayton Path to the top of the mountain.

Note: Where the Dayton Path leads off from Liberty Hill Road on the mountain it goes by is where the Sam Hughes family lived and also one part of the Dayton Path leads off the Liberty Hill Road where Thomas & Nettie Henderson’s  family lived. This part of the Dayton Path goes through the present day Donald and Vanessa Henderson’s family farm. The Dayton Path came out in Dayton on Back Valley Road next to where Jerry Ray’s Package Store used to be.

Courtesy of Carroll Henderson


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