Walter White of Rhea County Dies

Walter White of Rhea County Dies

Professor Walter White long time public servant dies February 15, 1951

Well known Educator and Legislator – Walter White for many years was a powerful figure in the Republican party councils of Tennessee. White served numerous terms in the Tennessee General Assembly. He was also the Republican nominee for Governor of Tennessee in 1922, being defeated by Austin Peay, the Democratic candidate. He was a delegate to Republican National Convention from Tennessee, 1940.

Professor Walter White had over forty years in the Rhea County school system, however he was most well known for being the Superintendent of Rhea County Schools in 1925, when John Thomas Scopes was tried and convicted for violating the Butler Act. Later in life, White recounted of how he and the others worked together in planning what they hoped would become a test case and had hoped that the case also would have brought enough attention to place their tiny little town of Dayton on the map.

White received his education in the public schools of Meigs and Rhea County, Tennessee. He taught school in both counties before serving in the office of superintendent of Rhea County schools. He also had studied law and was admitted to the bar, although he made no effort to build up a practice.

A long leader in both educational and political circles, he had been honored with many offices in regional and statewide school organizations as well as having been his party’s nominee for governor in 1922. He had been a delegate on more than one occasion to the Republican National Convention. He died suddenly without warning at his home in Dayton on February 15, 1951, he was laid to rest in the Buttram Cemetery.

Walter White Home This is the former home of Walter White, it was located on West 4th Ave near Railroad Street. Today it is the Cookies & Cream Ice Cream Shop.

Walter White Gravesite

Visit Walter White’s Grave Memorial on Find A Grave at this link here.

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