Washington Jail Foundation Uncovered 1975

Washington Jail Foundation Uncovered 1975

In November of 1975, the foundation of the old Washington Jail was uncovered on the site where it once stood in the Washington community. Pictured above to the right is J.R. Byrd. He was 87 years old at the time of this photo and was a resident in the Washington Community. He stated then that he remembered the old jail being at that location. On the hilltop located on the west side of Hwy 30, overlooking the community, was the location of the Rhea County seat until 1891. The county seat was moved to its present location in Dayton at that time. Shown in the center was John Sneed, the property owner at the time of this photo. He stated that he planned to leave the old foundation in tact. Excavation operator T.C. Cash is picture to the left. He cleared the land for Mr. Sneed.


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