Rhea County Speech and Hearing Center

The Chattanooga Speech and Hearing Center made the decision to open an office in Dayton and Cleveland, Tennessee. Since one of their employees, Margie Littell was a Dayton resident she was asked to staff and manage the new offices here locally. Sometime after the opening of the Dayton office, a motorhome type van was purchased

Four Perish in Rhea Jail Fire

With the completion of the new Rhea County Jail-Justice Center coming up at the end of this year, we will take look back to the current jail. It was opened under Sheriff Bill Vaughn’s administration in 1960. During its past 60 years of use, there have been a few events to occur there that did

La-Z-Boy Groundbreaking With A Boom September 1972

La-Z-Boy brings their largest plant to Dayton. It all began one afternoon when Bob Norris, a Dayton Chamber of Commerce Board Member, was chatting with an acquaintance who was on the state of Tennessee’s Industrial Development Board. Bob was told that the state of Tennessee would be escorting a potential industrial client from Michigan to

Rhea County Jail Cleared of Prisoner’s Complaints 1978

Bill Hunt, the Chief Federal Probation officer for Tennessee was in Dayton on June 6th, 1978 to inspect the Rhea County Jail after federal judges in both Knoxville and Chattanooga had received complaints from a prisoner being held at the facility. During the inspection, the prisoner reportedly admitted in the presence of Hunt and Rhea

Deena Dill Chosen 1988 Most Photogenic In Tennessee

Deena Dill is a 1988 graduate of Rhea County High School in Evensville, Tennessee. The daughter of the late James & Phyllis Dill of Dayton. Deena was named first place winner for the State of Tennessee in the 1988 Ms. PP of A Photogenic Contest which was sponsored by the Professional Photographers Association of America,

Rhea County Tennessee

Rhea County named after John Rhea – an American solider and POLITICIAN John Rhea was born in Ireland, in 1753. He immigrated to the United States in 1769 with his parents, who settled in Philadelphia, PA. John Rhea was an American solider and politician of the early 19th century. He was a Revolutionary War solider

Fire Threatens Rhea County Courthouse 1929

Rhea County Courthouse Saved by quick Fire Department Action On the evening of February 28, 1929, the Rhea County Courthouse was threatened with destruction by fire when a blaze was discovered in the middle of the main courtroom. The blaze extended ten feet high by the time the firefighters arrived, but soon was under control.

Robert J. Coulter Funeral Director

R.J.Coulter Established Coulter Funeral Home in 1897 Above the owner and operator, Robert J. Coulter watches as the coffin containing the body of William Jennings Bryan is placed into a waiting hearse in front of his Funeral Home in downtown Dayton. Bryan, after the conclusion of the Scopes Trial, stayed in Dayton for five days

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