Fire Destroys Gondolier Restaurant December 30, 1979

Early Moring Fire Destroys Dayton Bypass Business An early morning fire on December 30, 1979, lit up the sky along US Hwy 27 Bypass when the Gondolier Restaurant caught fire. Dayton’s Fire Chief Jack Arnold said that a Rhea County Sheriff’s Department deputy- Ken Nolan discovered the fire while on patrol. Two engines from the

Pendergrass Park Receives A Complete Makeover

Shown above in the the left photo is Mrs. Juanita Pendergrass with some children enjoying the Witches Hat”. The right photo shows the newly renovated park on opening day. (Black & White Feature Photo Courtesy of the Glass Family Collection.) The Park Was Officially Named After School Teacher Juanita Pendergrass in 1967 For decades, children

Tony’s Drive-In Era Ends July 1986

Favorite Market Convenience Store To Build On Site They called themselves the culprits that destroyed a teenage hangout. Back on July 10, 1986, three Arlan Roberts Construction workers of Dayton reminisced about their teenage days spent at the defunct Tony’s Drive-In Restaurant. Tim Revis, Ray Roberts and Bobby Perry, all who were in their early

Gardenhire’s Historic Downtown Dayton Building

Historic Downtown Dayton Building Then and Now It’s 1912- the nation just elected a new president, World War I was looming on the horizon, and a sleepy little town in Tennessee named Dayton would soon gain national recognition during the famous Monkey Trial. This little town was growing fast, and buildings were being constructed contributing

Dayton Gets First Full Time Paid Firemen

Fire truck Driver on Duty 24 Hours Beginning June 16, 1958. Beginning on Monday June 16, 1958, the Dayton Fire Department, for the first time, had a full-time paid firefighter on duty 24 hours a day. At the time, the fire department was located in the City Hall building, which was located on West Main

Welcome To Dayton Tennessee

Dayton Women Pose at South City Gates If I were to pick out pick out my most favorite photos in my collection, this one would rate right up there in the top. This photo shows the city gates, as they were referred to. I’ve often heard local citizens talk about the gates which were located

Abel Barn South Dayton-Then and Now

The feature photo above shows the dairy barn located on the Abel farm in south Dayton. While the exact date of construction is unknown, we do know that it was built by John R. Abel, Jr., the grandson of Cain Abel who settled here in 1807 and began farming this property. When the railroad came

Home Store Built in Place of Motion Picture Theater 1953

Motion Picture Theater Construstion Halted, Home Store Later Finishes Construction   A March 16, 1950, issue of the Dayton Herald Newspaper held an announcement by W.C. Woodlee, manager of the current theater on Market Street. The announcement was for the plans of construction of a new 1000 seat capacity theater to be located at the

Dayton Police and Firemen 1950’s

Pictured Left to Right is Dayton Fireman Paul Patton, Dayton Policemen Bill Dilday, Luther Ray and Charles Robinette. (Photo Courtesy of the Ray Family) Copyright All Rights Reserved -Yesterday In Dayton Please Consider using The Social Media Buttons Below To Share This Story So Others May See It.

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