Jerry R. Tompkins Editor of “D-Days at Dayton”

Jerry Tompkins Editor of “D-Days at Dayton” Video Presentation at the famous Rhea Courthouse where John Thomas Scopes was convicted of violating the Butler Act in July 1925 Each year, on the anniversary of the famous 1925 Scopes trial, the people of Dayton celebrate with the Scopes Festival. One regular attendee of the festival is

History of Walter White-Rhea County Tennessee

This is a video presentation by Jacob Smith to the Rhea County Historical Society on the life of Walter White of Rhea County Tennessee. Walter White,  Rhea County Superintendent of Schools during the Scopes Trial. This presentation highlighted his work in Rhea County schools, the state house and senate, and the founding of Bryan College.

Walter White of Rhea County Dies

Professor Walter White long time public servant dies February 15, 1951 Well known Educator and Legislator – Walter White for many years was a powerful figure in the Republican party councils of Tennessee. White served numerous terms in the Tennessee General Assembly. He was also the Republican nominee for Governor of Tennessee in 1922, being

F.E. Robinson’s “Why Dayton of All Places” Booklet

F.E. Robinson Published A Booklet Promoting Dayton Tennessee Dayton’s citizens viewed the Scopes trial as an opportunity to put their town on the map. In preparation for the trial and the arriving hordes of people, Dayton businessmen F.E. Robinson printed a booklet “Why Dayton – Of All Places?,” illustrated with pictures of the town’s places

John Washington Butler 1875-1952

Evolution Bill Author, Died in 1952 At The Age of 76 John Washington Butler was an American farmer and a Tennessee State Legislator from 1923-1927 . He was the author of Tennessee’s “Anti-Evolution Bill” in 1925. During the 1925 session of the State House of Representatives, while representing three counties northeast of Nashville, Tennessee along

Robinson Family Donates Famous Scopes Trial Table

The Table Where The 1925 Scopes Trial Originated Was Donated To The Tennessee State Museum By The Robinson Family A conversation which started around a small round table in Robinson Drug Store in May of 1925 resulted in an event that is still discussed today nearly 100 years later. In 1925, Tennessee introduced a law

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