Cunnyngham Studio

Cunnyngham Studio

Cunnyngham Studio Dayton Tennessee

Business Closed in 2016

Former Customer's Negative Files and Digital Disk Available For Purchase

On August 31, 2016, the doors closed a final time at Cunnyngham Studio, which was located in downtown Dayton, Tennessee. Jimmy & Shelby Cunnyngham retired after operating the business for more than 50 years.

Cunnyngham Studio was well known throughout the region. During their career, they offered various types of photo assignments, the most popular being portraits, family sittings, reunions, engagements and weddings and high school senior portraits.

I am blessed to be able to call Jimmy and Shelby my friends. I had the honor of working for them for the last 8 years of business. They have entrusted me with their entire archive of negative and digital files, which are available for purchase to former customers.

If you would be interested in purchasing your family’s treasured memories through the negatives and high-resolution digital files, please contact me at the submission form below. I will respond right away to your request.

Please note send negative and digital requests to the submission form below.

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