Dayton Street Scene 1950

Dayton Street Scene 1950

The photo above appeared in the “Pennsylvania Motorist”┬ápublication promoting Dayton. The Dayton Coffee Shop is shown on the left and the Robinson Drug Store is shown on the right. Robinsons moved to this location in 1928, which had been just three years after the famous Scopes Trial. It was in the original Robinson’s Drug Store, located a few blocks away on Main Street, were the discussions of a few Dayton businessmen while sitting around a small round table, came up with the idea to put Dayton on the map by having a schoolteacher to be arrested and tried for violation the states newly passed Butler Act. That teacher was John Thomas Scopes.


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  • Bob Nixon

    March 4, 2022 at 12:33 pm

    It seems the bank was pretty new in 1950.

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