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Curtis Dean Wilson

Curtis Dean Wilson

Born and Raised In Rhea County

As the site author I Dean Wilson,  born and raised in Dayton Tennessee and have worked here all my life. Having spent approx. 25 years in Public Service work such as 911 Dispatcher for both the Rhea County Sheriff's Department as well as the City of Dayton Police Department, Firefighter/Captain with the City of Dayton Fire Department and as an, E.M.T. with the Rhea County Emergency Medical Services.

Several years back I begin to develop an interest for the area's history through photographs and documents. Since then, I've collected a vast number of such in hopes of preserving them for future generations to enjoy.

There are many people and families who have contributed photos and documents along the way. In addition to this website, it is my desire to publish a photographic history book on the area. This has been a great undertaking, but I believe the historical rewards will be well worth it all.