Spring City Methodist Episcopal Church

Spring City Methodist Episcopal Church

Spring City Methodist Episcopal Church North

The Spring City Northern Methodist Church was built in the early 1880’s. It was located about halfway down Landreth Street between New Lake Road and East Rhea Ave, behind the current day site of the Rocky Top/McDonald’s business.

About twenty years after the Civil War, some of the people came down from Ohio and built this church. Because of the Civil War they would not attend the Methodist Church, South. It is believed that Isaac C. Hinch, Martha C. Hinch, Eden C. Caldwell, W.H. & M.S. Bristol, R.P. & L.H. Osborne and Eddie Osborne were some of those responsible for building the church because their names appear on the stain glass windows.

In the early 1900’s it was reported that there was an outstanding revival and that about 100 persons were converted. Some went on to join other churches in the area.

In 1954 the last service was conducted, and the congregation became scattered. The church was torn down shortly after this photo was taken when the Hwy 27 through Spring City became a four-lane highway.

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