Greyhound Builds New Bus Depot in Dayton 1950

Greyhound Builds New Bus Depot in Dayton 1950

In January of 1950, officials from the Greyhound Bus Company was in town selecting a location to build their new bus depot. According to the tentative plans, the bus depot would need to provide an off street loading and unloading area for passengers, waiting room, short order lunch counter and restroom, all in conjunction with a modern automobile service center and filling station. The new building was to be patterned after the new Spring City bus depot with improvements being based on the experience there.

Erection of the building and operation of the bus depot would be in the hands of local people with the bus company granting a franchise to the owner and or operator of the station. It was not to be a company owned bus stop as the Peggy Ann Rest Stop. The site for the new bus depot was selected on Hwy 27 within a short walking distance from the main shopping district of Dayton. This was before the Hwy 27 bypass was constructed and this area is known today as Market Street. Hours of operation was 6 am to 9 pm as a minimum. Shelter from inclement weather was also proposed for when the regular waiting room was closed.

The F.R. Rogers Drug Store, at the corner of Main and Market Streets, had served as the local bus station for approx. twenty years, acting as agent for the Cherokee and Greyhound companies before the consolidation of the bus lines recently. During this time, Mr. Rogers stated he was reluctant to give up his connection as agent, however he realized that a growing Dayton needed expanded facilities especially to eliminate the traffic hazard caused by the large buses parking at the curb on Market Street to take on and discharge passengers.

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