Home Store Built in Place of Motion Picture Theater 1953

Home Store Built in Place of Motion Picture Theater 1953

Motion Picture Theater Construstion Halted, Home Store Later Finishes Construction


Motion Picture Skeleton 1953
Motion Picture Theater 1950

A March 16, 1950, issue of the Dayton Herald Newspaper held an announcement by W.C. Woodlee, manager of the current theater on Market Street. The announcement was for the plans of construction of a new 1000 seat capacity theater to be located at the corner of 2nd and Market Street. Another photo in the Dayton Herald Newspaper on June 22, 1950, showed the construction of the steel support beams. It was during construction that the hostilities began in Korea and caused the construction to be halted. The partially constructed skeleton sat abandoned for two years. After being deemed an eye sore the skeleton was sold to the Home Stores of Chattanooga, Tennessee. Construction resumed and the plans called for a brand-new supermarket with office spaces on the second floor. The building was eventually finished and from that day forward has been the home to various businesses throughout the years. Mainstage Music currently occupies the building.

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