Ice Storm of 1960

Ice Storm of 1960

Nine inch Snow Blankets Worst Ice Storm In Fifty Years

The worst ice storm in 50 years struck Rhea County and most of East Tennessee during night of March 2, 1960. This destroyed all electricity in the Walden’s Ridge area.  With the electrical power out, the residents of the ridge also had to do without other necessities such as water, heat, and the use of electric stoves in which to cook food.  They had to resort to using fireplaces for heating and cooking. Just when the residents of the area thought they had worked through most of the outages, a nine-inch blanket of snow fell over the valley areas with eleven to twelve inches of snow in the mountains. Due to all the ice and snow, area businesses and schools were closed.  Traveling through out the county was almost a stand still and it was reported that this was the first time in twenty years the U.S. Postal Service was not able to make their daily delivery.


Photos were taken by Jimmy Cunnyngham, son of Walter Cunnyngham the Electric Department Superintendent.

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