Morgan Springs School

Morgan Springs School

Morgan Springs and Kiuka Schools Consolidated in 1926

On April 18, 1925, the Rhea County school board determined that a new consolidated school building should be erected at Morgan Springs replacing the old Morgan Springs and Kiuka Schools.

The two schools that were to be consolidated were both one room schoolhouses which were also used for community gatherings. The new building was being built according to the plans of the state Board of Education, having two comfortable, well-lighted classrooms, which can be thrown together as an auditorium.

Bids were let in early 1926 for the construction of the new building which was officially named Morgan Springs School on September 9, 1926.

The new Morgan Springs School building was formally dedicated on March 18, 1927, with an appropriate program presided over by Walter White, Superintendent of Rhea County Schools.

This new school building was one of five which had been erected in the county in the last four years. The others included Spivey, Frazier, Mars Hill and Haggard Grammar at Morgantown.

The Morgan Springs school was replaced when the new Walden’s Ridge School building was constructed and opened in 1956.

The building stands empty today and can be seen when traveling across Hwy 30 on Walden's Ridge.

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  • Wanda Morgan

    September 17, 2021 at 11:14 am

    Thanks for posting. This school has lots of childhood memories.
    I attended school there until the new Waldens Ridge School was

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