Dayton Receives Public Housing Grant

Dayton Receives Public Housing Grant

Richland Terrace Housing Units

The City of Dayton received a grant of $976,150 from the Department of Housing and Urban Development in 1978 to allow construction of a 34-unit low to moderate income housing project. The announcement was made by Dayton Mayor Jim Cunnyngham at a news conference held at the City Hall at noon, on Thursday, July 27, 1978.¬† Dayton was one of six cities in Tennessee receiving similar grants and was the only one in the 16 county area of the southeast Tennessee regional development district. Cunnyngham stated that Dayton had been in competition for the money with other cities in the surrounding area which included¬† the cities of Athens, Cleveland, and South Pittsburgh. The grant will be used to construct 34 housing units in 19 buildings. The project will include a combination of units for single-family units and duplexes. Cunnyngham further stated the grant would mean a great deal to Dayton’s attempts to alleviate a chronic housing shortage. Dayton had been experiencing the shortage for sometime now and the grant was the first step towards implementing the city’s assistance plan. Wallace Rice, Dayton Housing Authority director, said that the Housing Authority already had 150 applications for housing units on file.


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