Virginia Hutcheson of Red Bank buys Kaiser-Frazer in Dayton

Virginia Hutcheson of Red Bank buys Kaiser-Frazer in Dayton

Performance record of Kaiser prompts Repeat buyer JUne 24, 1948

Miss. Virginia Hutcheson of Red Bank gets the keys to her 1948 model Kaiser-Frazer from Earl Hicks, local Kaiser-Frazer distributor. Miss Hutcheson stated she was so pleased with the Kaiser, spending less than $30 for maintenance for 21,000 miles driving over 15 months, that she decided to “trade-up.” On her first trip in the new Frazer she averaged 25.8 miles per gallon of gas round trip to Knoxville, using the over drive, which is standard equipment on the Frazer. This was Mr. Hicks’ first repeat sale since opening the local Kaiser-Frazer dealership 18 months ago.

(Photo Courtesy of the Glass Family Collection)


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