Welcome To Dayton Tennessee

Welcome To Dayton Tennessee

Dayton Women Pose at South City Gates

If I were to pick out pick out my most favorite photos in my collection, this one would rate right up there in the top. This photo shows the city gates, as they were referred to. I’ve often heard local citizens talk about the gates which were located at the edge of town where the city limits start. On the north end, the gates were located near the present-day 11th Ave & 27 bypass area. The south city gates shown here were located on south Market Street, just below the entrance to the Food City parking lot. While the exact date of this photo is unknown, the two ladies shown in this photo are (left to right) Maxine Monday and Nellie Sedman. The two became sisters-in-law when Maxine Monday married Nellie’s brother, Jesse Sedman, in January 1947. Nellie married Robert Abel, the son of John R. Abel Jr., a descendant of Cain Abel. In 1807, Cain Abel settled here and began farming. Currently, I have not found any documentation of when the construction or removal dates were for the city gates.

(Photo Courtesy of the Abel Family Collection)

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